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What’s trending this week

Written by Alexis De Leaver

From royal appearances to bright sunflowers, sit back and find out what’s been buzzing around the internet this week.

The Lion King premiere brings royal appearances…

The much anticipated live-action Disney film The Lion King premiered this past week, with appearances from celebs such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. Plus, new royal parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

England wins Cricket World Cup…

For the first time in cricket history England won the ICC Cricket World Cup. In a dramatic win against New Zealand, the England men’s team snatched late victory and became world champions. Congrats!

This dad knows the secret language of children…

Baby babbling can take on a form of its as children grow and start trying to form words. Parents pay extra attention to this stage as they try to figure out what their little one is trying to say. Mike The Neu Dad knows all about this.

This dad is trying to make everyone’s Monday morning a little better…

Monday mornings are always a drag. But here’s a bright sunflower to brighten up everyone’s Monday morning commute by John Adams from Dad Blog UK.

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