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Written by Alexis De Leaver

This week we’re celebrating #GlobalTigerDay, a new prime minister and a couple of parents who are just trying to make it through this thing called parenting…

It’s the day of the tiger…

On Monday, 29th July, the world celebrated Global Tiger Day. People marked the day by sharing cute photos and facts about the biggest of all cats. For example, did you know that the tiger population in India has grown more than 30 per cent since 2014? Happy Tiger Day!

Boris Johnson is UK’s new prime minister…

Boris Johnson has replaced Theresa May as the UK’s prime minister and is is already making a splash with controversial headlines. Check out the full story here.

But doesn’t everyone have a side of the bed?

This couple threw the internet into a craze when it came out that they switch sides of the bed every night.

This dad gets real about parenting feels…

Parenting is hard. But sometimes parents feel ashamed admitting that they need help, that they’re struggling or that life is just hard. But these parents are not alone, as Dad and Buried admits this first hand.

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