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Starting University - Seven Tips to Give Your Kids

We all remember the advice that has seen us through life’s transitions or pesky curveballs, so what wisdom should you impart to your kids ahead of university?


Dick and Dom on Coding, Invention and the New Curriculum

After being added to the national curriculum, computer coding is becoming an integral part of our kids’ lives.


Back To School - 4 Essential Products to Help Your Kids

For some children, starting the new school term can be a daunting prospect. For those making the transition into secondary school, the change can be both exciting and overwhelming as they get to grips with more in-depth study, new relationships and different teaching methods.


Can Technology Help With Kids Learning?

Have you been on the fence about your children using too much technology? As parents we can attest to the fact that too much time spent on Facebook and Twitter can’t be the best thing, but there’s no reason technology cannot be used for the betterment of your child’s education.


Fun (and Free!) Educational Apps for Kids

In the digital age, our kids are more tech-savvy than ever and can often be found tapping away at our tablets and phones, playing games that don't offer much educational value or simply messing up our contact lists. But there’s no reason they can't make the most of technology; having fun whilst learning something new about the world around them.


4 Great YouTube Channels for Kids

In this day and age, children are forced to grow up faster than ever before as they are exposed to more information at a younger age. The internet has contributed heavily to this phenomenon, as kids are forced to confront and deal with knowledge from a variety of sources, many of which it must be admitted, are not always that reliable. 


How families are preparing for higher education

Recent news that British families have seen the worst wage reductions in Europe over the last few years does not inspire confidence in the future of financing our children's education.


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