Corduroy cool: how to wear it and look great

Written by Steven White

Corduroy is one stylish look to have. But make sure you always get it right with these tips.

Corduroy is an excellent way to add some texture to your wardrobe. The velvety, ribbed surface has a unique vintage feel to it. Unfairly, however, it’s reputation has often been confined to the walls of starch staffrooms (along with elbow pads). But there is a lot of style to be wrung out of corduroy.

Long sleeve shirt

A corduroy shirt is both comfortable to wear and a refreshing change from your standard cotton shirts Corduroy shirts are great because they are durable, breathable, and get softer over time. You can wear it casually to work, down the pub or even a social event like a work party. The fit of this particular shirt is everything. Having a fitted corduroy button-up has a sleeker and more put-together look compared to a baggy fit that can make your frame look awkward.


SPOKE fawn cords.


Break away from wearing jeans every now and then and don a pair of corduroy pants, which will also keep you warmer in the coming colder months and add some interest to your overall outfit. You can’t go wrong by adding a pair stylish fawn cords from SPOKE to your wardrobe. As part of their Winter Fives collection, they are soft-stretch and finished off like jeans. Wearing them is the definition of comfort and you certainly won’t look like a dad-of-old in them – more a modern dad of here and now.


Corduroy gives the average suit a much more laid back feel. The rugged, textured material give a more relaxed and approachable look that can be worn in any kind of casual setting. While corduroy is available in plenty of colours, earth tones are recommended when picking out a corduroy suit. A corduroy suit can pair with virtually any dress shirt, or even a t-shirt for a smart and casual look.

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