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What’s trending this week

Written by Alexis De Leaver

While you’re enjoying the blazing sun this week, sit back and check out what’s been trending across the internet with our news round-up.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter…

Our favourite young wizard, Daniel Radcliffe, celebrated his 30th birthday. Is just us, or who else is starting to feel old? You can also catch Radcliffe in The Woman in Black, My Boy Jack as well as the Harry Potter series.

Another Happy Birthday to Prince George…

Prince George was all smiles as he celebrated his sixth birthday this week. The royal parents marked the day with a photo showcasing George’s toothy grin. Happy Birthday, George!

This little one is just trying his best at life…

We’ve all been there, trying to finish a project or completing a simple task and we just cannot get it together. We feel your pain, little buddy.

You know your wife is mad at you when…

Once you’ve been with your significant other for a certain amount of time you are able to read their words through actions. Sometimes if one of you is mad at the other, you don’t need to yell to get your point across. This dad experienced the other end of this.

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