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Graco Evo Mini

Evo Mini
Written by Sam Skelding

Easy to use and lightweight, the Graco Evo Mini is a pushchair that you can take virtually anywhere.

First Impressions

In appearance, the Evo Mini is a bright and fun stroller, and the bold aquamarine and prism pattern on the Harlequin version makes it a particularly eye-catching choice. The rounded, smooth feel to the frame creates a smart style and there is certainly nothing gender orientated about the design, useful if you plan on using it for more than one child or just want to avoid the stereotypes.

Unlike so many other products on the market, the Evo is also really easy to put together. As long as you follow the clear instructions included in the box, it will only take a few moments to assemble; although bear in mind you may need to use a little strength at certain points.


Suitable for newborns up to early childhood, the seat is deep, comfortable and more padded than you usually see in a lightweight stroller. Despite being a ‘Mini’, the space is also generous and the harness well cushioned for over the shoulders. The hood provides nice coverage and you can attach the raincover quickly – a priceless feature for parents.

While the ride is smooth along city streets, it can get a bit bumpy when heading off road. This can be forgiven when considering the overall practicality, as the diminutive and lightweight design makes getting on and off buses or trains an absolute breeze.

The Evo features a simple seat recline system which involves extending elasticated drawstrings. This works well generally but can get a bit fiddly when trying to lower the backrest fully. The chassis is also pretty thick, so despite being light, the structure isn’t very flat when collapsed. The design however does make it relatively simple to cater for children of different ages and this interchangeable nature is a huge bonus for any family stroller.

Arguably the best aspect of this buggy’s design is that it collapses with a very accessible one hand fold, which can be so handy if you’re out alone or need to hold your little one with one hand. The automatic lock and shopping basket also show that Graco have considered the challenges of modern parenting in the construction.

FQ Verdict

Compact and manoeuvrable, the Evo Mini is a good pushchair for everyday life.

Graco Evo Mini


Ease of Use




Value for Money


Dad Appeal



  • Simple seat recline
  • Lightweight
  • One hand fold
  • Comfortable for babies and toddlers


  • Not great off-road
  • A bit bulky when collapsed

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