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What dad skills are useful in eSports Championships?

Written by Steven White

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in eSports Championships.

The League of Legends European Championship in Berlin is a clear highlight of the eSports calendar in early 2019. And while most of the players taking part are in their early twenties, are there some skills that older dads possess that could be useful in the competitive world of online gaming?

Keeping a cool head under pressure

Modern fathers need to have a huge range of varied skills, many of which never existed in the past. An article on the Mirror site points out that these days, a dad has to be able to set up Wi-Fi, master social media and set up parental controls online, as well as carry out his more traditional tasks. But which of these abilities could make a difference while playing online?

Major eSports events are now watched millions of people in the stadium as well as around the globe. As reported by ESC, the 2017 League of Legends World Championships broke the 100 million viewership barrier. Not everyone can cope with the pressure of knowing that so many people are watching their every move in real time.

Of course, experienced fathers are used to keeping a cool head in stressful situations. Many dads also regularly play casino games, where staying calm is a huge part of the decision-making gameplay. At the Paddy Power site, we can the likes of blackjack, roulette and slots games, all of which need the player to keep calm while making crucial decisions.

Perseverance in the face of adversity

Every father can tell you that things go wrong from time to time. Fixing things about the house, cooking for the family and dealing with the kids’ bedtime routine are all tasks that can easily go wrong. Being able to keep going with a smile on his face is a key attribute for any dad.

The same can be applied to the world of competitive eSports. Individual games don’t usually last for very long, but during that time your team could face a number of setbacks. Being able to stick to a game plan and not lose confidence is vital if you are going to eventually overcome your opponent to claim the victory.


Being a team player

Many people imagine video gaming to be all about one playing facing up to another. Yet, this type of competitive gaming is dominated by teams. According to Business Insider, the top-earning eSports teams in the world as of 2018 include Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Newbeee. Each member has to be willing to work for the good of the team rather than just look for individual glory.

Who knows more about teamwork than a hard-working parent? Dads are used to putting their own needs and wants to one side for the good of their family. Therefore, being a solid team player and aiming for a satisfying team victory isn’t likely to be a big problem.

Does all of this mean that dads are perfect candidates for eSports teams? Probably not, but it is reassuring to see that some of a father’s timeless skills are still in demand even in a modern, highly demanding environment like an eSports tournament.

Main image source: “eSports Competitive Gamer in a Stadium -” (CC BY 2.0) by nodstrum.

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