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There is a family rave happening this Saturday

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

This Saturday 23rd Feb, there is a family rave where parents and children are invited to party together.

The last weekend of a week-long break can be bittersweet. Finding the right ways to spend those last holiday days can often be dreadful. Fortunately, London offers many family-friendly activities, and we have found just the right one to start this Saturday night.

So before you apprehend next Monday’s return to work: end the half-term February break with a bang this Saturday 23rd February at Shoreditch Town Hall. The Tower Hamlet’s Mums will be hosting Baby Loves Disco. It will be the perfect party for a late morning of fun and family loving. Who said raves were for students and teenagers only?

Entrance only cost £4. However, a lucky family of four will be selected to win a free entrance ticket. In order to win this entrance, you will need to follow Tower Hamlet’s Mums Facebook page, like and comment on the pinned post. The contest’s applications close this Wednesday 20th.

The event will be held from 10am to 12pm and will be entertained by Baby Loves Disco’s resident club DJ. He will be mixing nostalgic pop classics. Parents will be invited to take over the dance floor and children will have the opportunity to enjoy a late morning of fun activities. There will be play tents and inflatables, balloons and bubbles. Children will have the opportunity to dress up and participate in arts and crafts. Healthy snacks will also be served.

The event takes place before midday, parents should therefore not expect to be served alcohol. Baby Loves Disco is suitable for up to six-year-olds, but older siblings are welcomed. On the other hand, pets will not be allowed as the venue does not authorise it and the loud music might put the animal at discomfort.

For more information about the event, the venue and the Tower Hamlet’s Mums group you can visit the official website and buy tickets here .