Rae’s World: helping kids stay safe

Rae's World
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Read an exclusive sample of the wonderful new children’s book Rae’s World.

Cleverly written by Mary Nyamie and beautifully illustrated by Jasmine Mills, this particular section of the book focuses on staying safe. The book also includes activities to help stimulate your child as they are reading it:

Rae's World

Notting Hill Carnival

Today was the day that Uncle Frank would come and spend a penny. After breakfast Rae, Mummy and Netty went outside. Netty was waiting for Sacha to come over. “There’s Uncle Frank, Aunty Julie, Ambah and Kofi,” said Mummy. “Where?” said Rae. “Look behind the Mas Band,” she replied.

Netty and Rae did not know what Mummy was talking about, and did not know where to look. “Look towards those people in the bright costumes,” said Mummy. ”Mummy, what is a Mas band?” Netty asked. “A Mas band is a group of people who come together to provide exciting amazing songs and displays that you can dance to, all day long. They also keep you safe so that you don’t get lost among all the people that come to the Notting Hill Carnival,” Mummy replied.

Some of the costumes look like they took all year to make,” Netty said. Rae saw a costume and shouted, “Mummy, Look! Mummy, Look!” It was a lady dressed like a peacock, smiling and dancing. There were yellow and green feathers everywhere. They were even attached to a crown on her head, with yellow circles as big as sunflowers. “Her costumes are the same colours as a Brazilian flag,” said Mummy.

If you can’t imagine what a sunflower looks like, as a grown up if you can go on the internet and search. Select images, type in sunflowers and you will see exactly what I am talking about. To help you imagine, do another search in exactly the same way but this time select images and type in the word peacock.
Rae's World

Having fun!

Rae could see Kofi and Ambah, her older cousins blowing their whistles, waving their arms, dancing, singing and laughing. As they walked towards Rae’s house, she spotted Uncle Frank’s T-shirt which said, “I LOVE TO DANCE”. Rae ran towards Uncle Frank happily. “Uncle Frank,” she shouted. He picked her up and swung her around and around making Rae giggle with joy. Kofi and Ambah went inside the house and then came out again with their mouths full of crisps, and bottles of water in their hands. “See you later,” they both shouted at the same time. They were allowed to go to the carnival all by themselves, but they had to be back by 7:30pm. Netty’s friend Sacha arrived. They think they are super cool.

Sacha always stayed untill 9pm while her mummy and daddy went to listen to a style of music called Drum and Bass. Throughout the day, friends and family visited. Some stayed and some left. Some went and then came back again, but Uncle Frank and Aunty Julie stayed to enjoy the fun.