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The sensational phenomenon of Black Panther

Black Panther
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Believe the hype! Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther looks to be 2018’s most critically acclaimed movie release yet…

And why shouldn’t it be? It not only ticks all the boxes on the ‘awesome’ scale. (Something I may have just made up or have yet to see if it already exists). But it ticks them financially speaking as well. Black Panther out performed Disney’s forecast during it’s second weekend in theatres. And it’s now reportedly grossed $700 million worldwide.

Plus, if you just took a second to observe the worldwide publicity and excitement it has received since it’s release, then you’ll know this is a movie worth taking time to watch. But if you happen to live under a rock, I would suggest watching the trailer to experience the phenomenon. Which I have been so kind to include in below…

Not only does the cast of Black Panther contain an all black cast (finally!), but the film also tackles themes of colonialism, racism and nationalism. All while crafting a vision of black womanhood that’s inspiring and empowering. (Last year’s Wonder Woman from the DC Universe started to bang the female-power drum in the most bodacious of action movies.)

It’s resonated with the public on so many levels. So much that people all across the world started a movement to ensure underprivileged kids are brought to a screening of the film, dubbed the #BlackPantherChallenge. The official GoFundMe page for the challenge states:

To date, over 500 GoFundMes have raised over $725,000, helping thousands of kids see the movie this month.”

Not only does this prove Black Panther to be more than a film, but to be a very proud (and rightly so) movement in black pride.