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A Quiet Place – film review

A Quiet Place
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A Quite Place changes the face of the conventional super hero, and introduces us to a real superhero – the father!

After ages, I got the chance to watch a movie in sheer suspense. A Quiet Place took me on a ride right from the start and didn’t let me go – for all 90 minutes! The pure tension of the scenes is bound to make you hold your breath and shut your eyes.

What to expect

Directed by John Krasinski (and acting in the lead role), A Quiet Place is that rare thriller that terrifies you. Something that a lot of recent movies have failed to do. This movie succeeds in instilling tension through building up slowly to each unpredictable twist.

The movie opens with a title “Day 89.” It’s the year 2020. We get an idea that something horrible has happened. The Abbot family are in a pharmacy, collecting supplies. Three children, a daughter, who’s deaf and wears a defunct hearing aid. Two sons, one of whom has asthmatic issues. We also know that they cannot make any noise, hence the tip-toeing and communicating through sign language. The premise of the story is that if you make a noise, the monsters will find you and they WILL kill you.

I won’t get into the twists and details of the movie, as its still running in cinemas (and I refuse to be that friend that always spoils the end). The script has some big ideas that deal with various issues – father/child relationship, father’s unconditional love for his children, communication between family members, sacrificing oneself for another, growing up and taking responsibilities.

What’s great about it
  1. The father is a normal, strong, well intentioned father. He only finds unshakeable inner strength when his family is threatened. He goes on to display an admirable level of fight and positivity. An aspect I’m sure most parents connect with.
  2. The setting is richly realized. It’s a lot of fun to witness the family’s survival techniques.
  3. We do get to see the monsters, and they are not a disappointment (a bit like a crossover between the aliens from Signs and Alien!)
  4. The acting from everyone is stupendous– especially when they had to do a lot of non-verbal communication! Full marks to the director for getting the best out of everyone.
  5. Emily Blunt— sigh, I do love her! (Fun fact: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are married in real life.)
  6. John Krasinski is the man of the hour. Such a hidden talent — given that he’s known for comedy in The Office.
  7. For the first time in such a mainstream movie did the role of a hearing aid play such a pivotal role.

Having said that, there are some moments in the movie that reminded me of War of the Worlds, Signs and a few other horror/survival movies but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of A Quiet Place.

The verdict

The audience maintained complete silence for the entire duration of the movie. No one spoke. No one touched their phones. Everyone was gripping on to their armrest (at least I was).

With 97% ratings at Rotten Tomatoes and making a $50 million debut at the box-office, I’m glad others are falling in love with the movie – just like I did!

Most of the film has very little dialogue. The emotional final scene packed a powerful punch. It would surprise me to find anyone who’s not affected by the ending.