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Brittany Runs A Marathon review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Brittany Runs a Marathon tackles not only what it takes to prepare physically for a marathon but also mentally as well.

In a familiar-sounding story, Brittany (Jillian Bell) lives a typically fast-paced city life, sharing a New York flat with her best friend, and partying hard. However, on a trip to the doctor to procure some unnecessary meds, he states that her health would improve if she lost weight.

In an effort to pull her life in the right track she makes the decision to start running. After joining a running group and meeting a new set of friends, she decides to run the annual New York City Marathon.

Brittany Runs a Marathon
Brittany Runs a Marathon

This is no easy task and Brittany has to completely reshape her life. Swapping late nights out for a good night’s sleep, fast foods for more nutritious ones and running must become a part of her daily life. All these major lifestyle changes force Brittany to make tough life decisions and reevaluate relationships.

After a setback pops up unexpectedly, as they often do, Brittany must find the strength to prosper on.

What this film is really about…

Brittany Runs a Marathon is ostensibly about running and why you should keep physically fit. But underneath fleshy appearances its real concern is for how something like catching the fitness bug can help change your mental state and increase the value of self-worth.

Brittany Runs a Marathon
Brittany Runs a Marathon

In the beginning of the film we see Brittany in a state of being unhappy with herself. She often makes jokes about herself to ward off people making fun of weight or lack of physical activity. She is afraid of going after the career that she really wants, because she does not believe in herself.

But the more time Brittany dedicates to her physical health, we see her confidence rise. This film portrays the positive effects that physical health can have on our mental health. We see how the smallest lifestyle changes can have a biggest of impacts.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

This is an inspirational film that makes you want to grab your running shoes, or at least love yourself a little bit more.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is out now in cinemas and available on Amazon Prime Video on 15th November.