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Die Hard Dads

Die Hard
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

There are few films that capture the true heroic essence of Dads like Die Hard. John McClane is the ultimate badass dad. We’ve one up with 10 reasons why Die Hard is one of the coolest dad movies around. Warning: This whole article is one massive spoiler. (What are you doing waiting so long to watch Die Hard?)

John McClane: 100%  Die Hard

A street wise, smart talking cop whose marriage is on the rocks we feel for John McClane. He’s got a tough job and is trying to be better husband and father. The fact he ends up saving a building full of people from a meglomanical criminal on his day off makes him a boss. Die Hard to the core. Take him back Holly!

All the one liners

He’s up there with Arnie for some of the best action one liners. He “Yipee-Ki-Yays” his way through the movie. Banters with the villain, Hans Gruber, (Ho Ho Ho Now I have a machine gun) and throws a bad guy out of a 20 storey window and yelling “Welcome to the party pal.” Any dad can appreciate a guy who can keep his sense of humour in times of stress.

Death Count

John may be die hard, but sadly the same can’t be said for the bad guys he tears through as he makes his way up to that helicopter pad. RIP.

He’s the Underdog

Outnumbered, underarmed with his wife in a hostage situation, the odds are not in John McClane’s favour. But he isn’t a quitter. His ingenuity, and tenacity are all he needs. We’re rooting for him all the way through. If you’re not, you have no heart.

The Action…Oh the Action

From exploding helicopters, crawling through vents and hostage situations, the film is non-stop action. Die Hard is the quintessential action movie.