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Dolph Lundgren interview

Dolph Lundgren
Written by Steven White

We caught up with Hollywood’s Dolph Lundgren to chat Volvo Construction Equipment and acrobatic excavators.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) recently launched Pump It Up, a mini-movie featuring muscleman Dolph Lundgren to promote their range of excavators.

Per Akerlund, Manager of Communications Projects for Volvo CE, told us how it took close to one year for it all to come together and, naturally, having someone like Dolph involved was a “dream come true”.

While we were at the screening of the mini-movie, we even managed to catch a few words with the man himself…

Why did you want to be involved in this Volvo CE project? 

Well, I haven’t done anything like this before. And because it was Swedish and because the guys involved were also the ones who did the [Jean-Claude] Van Damme Volvo CE spot, they sent me the script and it sounded really cool, cinematic and fun. I was going to be in Sweden anyway to see my kids – they live in Spain but occasionally they’re in Sweden – and so thought it was perfect. Like it was meant to be.

Does Van Damme know you’re doing this then?

I haven’t told him but I guess he’ll find out soon!

So how does this compare to doing movies?

Well, it’s shorter but the kind of scope of it was like a big movie. It was a bit like doing Expendables or something like that. Twenty excavators and having huge sets with a big crew. It was quite a big operation, so I felt at home.

How did you prepare for this role?

I was trying to figure out how far to push the character. You know, I had to make fun of my character. It’s not played like it’s a real mission and you’re getting killed. I had to play it a little tongue in cheek. But there were a couple of things like standing on the excavators when they were moving up and down and standing on the concrete block, which I decided to do – because they obviously ask you if you want to do this. Because even though safety is very much in focus, you never know. But I know if something happens, I’m pretty quick and I can react. I’m not going to panic, which is why I can do some of these things myself.

What impresses you most about Volvo CE?

I think it was the size of the machinery, the size of those excavators and what they can do, what the operators can do with them was impressive. But like in a movie, they’d practised a lot for weeks, they’d done their job already. Then I think the execution being so cinematic and professional like shooting a big action movie – that was impressive also.

Finally, what do your two daughters think of this and your career so far?

They have a real connection to Sweden, they’re curious about it. They were born there and brought up in America and Spain and went to boarding school in Sweden. So I think they’re happy that I’m doing something Swedish and they’re getting old enough where they start being a bit more proud of maybe what I’ve done so far instead of feeling that “Daddy’s gone a lot,” you know, or always on a film set. It’s a tough call because I have to support them but I have to follow my heart. But I always try to keep them in the equation and I think now they understand it a little bit more that I really try and make them part of it.

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