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Written by Alexis De Leaver

Check out a few stories that you might have missed this week, including Toy Story 4 and football kicks to the head.

Toy Story 4 is finally here, so cancel all your plans…

The fourth installment of the Disney classic Toy Story was released in UK cinemas last week. This time it’s all about making new friends and reuniting old ones, so make sure you check it out with the entire family.

Adults are sharing what makes them adults…

Under the title of #Adultingin5wordsorless adults across the internet are sharing experiences that make them real-life adults. From payday really being bill day and meetings that could’ve been an email, adults are weighing in on grown-up life.

This dad is just trying to teach his son about sports…

It’s never too early to start learning new tricks or maybe to practise old ones. We’re not sure this little guy will be keen on football in the future.

This dad is the support we all need in life…

At some point we need someone in our lives to go all out and support us. This dad does just that as he adds on some extra drama to make his little one smile.

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