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Caenhill CC’s farm animals take over TikTok

Written by Alexis De Leaver

Farm animals with over 70,000 followers! We had to find out what this was all about.

We spoke with farmer Chris Franklin to find out why his farm animals have found worldwide fame.

Caenhill Countryside Centre in Wiltshire isn’t your usual farm. Yes, the roosters are crowing, the geese gaggling and the donkeys chewing. Par for the straw-strewn course. But the difference is that farmer Chris Franklin films the everyday lives of his (mostly named) animals and beams the videos out to over 71,000 TikTok followers. As far away as the US, viewers eagerly await to see what the likes of Bumblebee the lamb or Cuthbert the goose are up to next. The morning ‘rush hour’ clips are particularly popular.  

Caenhill Countryside Centre farm animals

We asked Chris about the inspiration behind filming the animals. “The farm charity, Caenhill Countryside Centre is for young people who were all talking about TikTok and suggested that I give it a go. As my animals were better in front of the camera than me, I decided to capture some of the animals and post on TikTok. Strangely the animals started speaking back especially when I opened the door in the morning at rush hour,” he says. 

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