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Back To School Style – Accessories

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Getting your kids ready for school used to mean simply buying a new pencil case and a few notebooks. Not anymore.

Kids today are more clued in to the latest fashions and trends than their parents ever were, and the new school term is a potential minefield for style savvy youngsters. Surprise your kids by treating them to one or two of the latest must have accessories, and get their new school year off to the best possible start. Whether you have a footie mad boy, a 1D obsessed girl or a tech savvy tween, Base Fashion have got you covered.

Add some style to a school uniform

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Many schools have strict rules on what is and is not acceptable clothing for the classroom. But with the right accessories, your kid can stamp their own style on even the blandest school uniform.

Add some attitude to your tights with these pom pom versions from Condor. Available in a range of colours that will work with any school uniform.

Hair accessories are a fun, cheap and stylish way to update any look. Channel Lady Gaga with a scattering of bow clips in a variety of different colours.


A plain coloured scarf is a winter essential, and will smarten up the look of any boy (or girl). Ralph Lauren’s classic ribbed scarves will last for years – as long as they don’t get lost on the next school trip…

Best bags for girls

Every kid needs a schoolbag that is strong enough to carry all their books, and stylish enough to look good even when it’s bursting full of homework.

Metallics are a huge trend for the autumn season, with gunmetal, silver, gold and bronze set to feature in stores up and down the High Street. Get the look early with the Mi Pac Gold Print Backpack. The adjustable double straps make the bag easy to carry, while it is deep and wide enough to carry a stack of books, papers and stationery.

A messenger bag is a cool alternative to a rucksack, and this Ralph Lauren version nails that preppy ‘back to school’ vibe. The deep pink colour will look great against dark and neutral colours such as navy or beige, making this bag a great match with most school uniforms.

Best bags for boys

Vans has been enjoying a bit of a revival in recent years. This retro red backpack will be snapped up by fans of 80’s and 90’s pop culture (yes, they’re ‘retro’ now!). Sturdy and spacious, this is a practical option as well as a nod to the burgeoning lo-tech trend.

Kanye West has been working the leather look for years, but it is only now starting to hit the mainstream. Wannabe rappers and stylish teens can make a style statement with this leather mock-croc backpack from Mi Pac.

Shoe style for girls

Every girl remembers her first pair of Lelli Kelly’s. The shoe brand is popular with girls of all ages for its pretty take on the latest styles. The black patent Dolly has been a back to school favourite for years. Kids will love the shiny leather and the girly bow on the toe, while parents will be glad of the thick, long-lasting soles which should keep the shoes in action until they’ve been outgrown.

Shoe style for boys

Most boys would sleep in their trainers if they had the change. But unfortunately, most schools require them to wear smart black shoes when they aren’t in gym class. For sport-mad boys, the Kickers Reasan Lace Shoe offers the best of both worlds – as comfortable as a sneaker but smart enough for school.

The old trends you weren’t expecting to see again…

The Clueless revival

Blame Iggy Azalea. Ever since she channelled Cher Horowitz in the music video for her hit song ‘Fancy’, teen fashion has gone Clueless crazy. That means boucle jackets, tweed mini-shirts, faux fur accessories, pop socks and velvet hairbands.

Beanie hats

A staple of the Britpop era, beanie hats are starting to make a comeback. Expect to see a sea of bobbled heads come November, as fashion forward boys and girls embrace the trend.

Ditzy Disney

Technically this trend hit the headlines way back in November 2013 when Givenchy started selling a Bambi mash-up sweatshirt for just under £1,000. The look has now trickled down to the High Street, with sweatshirts emblazoned with patchwork Daisy Duck reminding young parents of the days when the Mickey Mouse Club was the pinnacle of cool.

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