Top 5 Christmas activities for kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Christmas is only around the corner, so it’s time for some fun activities for the kids!

As December progresses and the days get colder, your young ones probably can’t wait for Christmas. But it’s still two unbearable weeks away, and your kids might be starting to become equally unbearable. Why not bridge the gap with some or all of these five fun activities?

Christmas trivia

Quizzes are fun for everyone and at every age. Why not come up with your own fun trivia rather than playing the same old board game over and over again? Keep the question nice and child-friendly and spice things up with rewards and fun side activities. Some fun question examples: “Which Reindeer has a red nose?”; “Who said “God bless us, everyone””?

Christmas crafting

Children love crafting. Children love Christmas. Christmas requires decorations of all kinds. It goes without saying that putting these two together makes one of the most fun activities for your children. From Christmas tree decorations to window ornaments, anything goes. Just make sure they’re well-supplied and let their creativity run wild.

Write a letter to Father Christmas

One of the main reasons children love Christmas is because Father Christmas brings them presents. But how, they might ask, does he know what they want? Because they tell him, of course! Help them practise their handwriting and spelling by writing a nice letter to the bringer of presents. Let them be creative by decorating it nicely with drawings and little ornaments. And don’t forget to address it correctly, of course.

Watch a timeless Christmas classic

Of course, Disney releases new Christmas specials practically every year. But why not turn on one of the old and timeless classics? That way you will be able to enjoy an evening of nostalgia and your children will get to know some of the films that you enjoyed when you were their age. Anything from Nightmare Before Christmas to the Muppets’ Christmas Carol should work.

Decorate the Christmas tree

What would Christmas be without a good Christmas tree? Children love it just as much as you do, so why not decorate it together as a family activity? Let them inspire you with their ideas and let them help as much as they can. They’ll love hanging up their favourite decorations and coming up with funky ways of sorting things out.