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5 family Easter activities to try at home

Written by Alexis De Leaver

Easter is quickly approaching so check out these five activities that don’t include painting eggs (sort of).

Easter is time for spending with family – as much as is possible during this current self-isolation period. So why not give these five activities a go and enjoy a fun-filled Easter break this weekend.

Plant flowers

Along with Easter comes spring. Plant some flowers in your garden or buy new plants for your home to bring in this holiday season. Taking care of plants and gardening is a great way to teach your little ones about nature.

Egg hunt

We have to mention eggs somewhere in Easter festivities, right? This is a game all ages will enjoy. You can always paint and decorate the eggs ahead of time with your children or you can opt for buying plastic eggs. The real fun is hiding the eggs all around the house or garden and then see who can find the most eggs. Looking for more games? Check out a list here.

Put together an Easter basket

Easter baskets make great gifts. Fill them with sweet treats, clothes, toys or even books. There are endless possibilities for creating these festive baskets. Try adding in different colour tissue paper to make the baskets even more colourful.

Make desserts

Speaking of sweet treats, why not make your own? Create a spin on chocolate covered strawberries by using pink, blue and yellow candy melts and you’ll have an array of pastel coloured treats. You can also make your own ‘bunny chow.’ A fun twist from typical trail mix, add in M&M’s in fun colours, your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate and granola to make this tasty Easter snack.

Easter egg roll

Don’t worry, this is done with plastic eggs. All you’ll need for this activity are plastic eggs, paint, paper, and some type of large container. Place the paper inside the container and drop in the paint. Then all that’s left to do is throw in your eggs. Using the container roll the eggs around and watch the colours swirl. This activity is also great because it is minimal mess and clean up.

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