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The Lexus Tips on What to Do When Visiting Your Son or Daughter at University

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As the summer months approach, many parents are making plans to visit their children at university.

Whether this is for a weekend or a just a flying visit, Lexus has put together some tips about what to do and what to avoid when visiting, including some first-hand advice from students from several universities around the country.

What the students say

Meet the housemates

Joshua, from Durham University, points out that students love meeting their friends’ parents, adding: “What better way to introduce yourself than bringing treats for your child’s flatmates too.” But it’s important to not outstay your welcome and settle in for an evening of drinking, and definitely don’t bring up any embarrassing childhood stories.

Food, food and food!

Parents will be especially welcome if they have thought to do a big food shop and bring extra supplies that a student budget won’t always cover. As well as the basics, think about adding some extras, such as favourite treats, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Libby, from Leeds Beckett, says: “Cutlery is always going missing from university kitchens, so new cookware and crockery is always appreciated.” A car with lots of boot space, like the Lexus NX 450h+ plug in hybrid SUV with its roomy boot, will be really useful for this.

multiethnic students eating pizza during break in studies

Reminders of home

Claire from Loughborough University, adds: “It’s always comforting when parents bring something that reminds you of home”. Even something as a simple as a familiar cushion or picture can make a difference if your son or daughter is missing their home comforts.

Take the siblings and the dog

Harriet, from Durham University, points out that visits from her mum and dad are always more exciting when brothers, sisters and pets come too. If there’s space, why not fill all the seats in the car and make it a real family event.

No surprise visits, please

Plan your visit ahead, making sure that your son or daughter isn’t going to be tied up with work or social activities when you’re in town. They will also appreciate time to make sure their accommodation is clean and tidy before you knock on the door.  The students we spoke to recommend visiting for one or two days at a weekend, mid-term, when they have settled in but aren’t under pressure for project deadlines and exams.

Check your vehicle follows the area’s environmental rules

More and more urban centres have become clean air zones, including leading university locations such as Bath, Bristol and Manchester. Make sure your vehicle’s emissions meet the regulations so you don’t have to pay extra charges. Lexus’s line-up of electrified SUVs, including the new NX  450h+, should keep you on the right side of the rules, being able to run on all-electric power in city traffic.

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