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Lie to me baby – 5 lies we tell our kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Whether its about Santa Claus or a pets death, every parent has told a little white lie at least.

As a parent, you have to lie to your children. It’s an unwritten rule, we took a look at some of the biggest fibs we as parents tend to make.

The Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and The Tooth Fairy are all real.

This is just one lie after the other, but we all do it. There is just something that is great about the excitement children get over believing in these characters. Just be ready to deal with the tears when you shatter their world.

How long the travel time is.


It doesn’t matter how far you’re taking the kids, the best reply to “are we there yet?” is always “5 more minutes”. Otherwise you have to be prepared for the moans and trying to explain distance in a way they understand. It’s just not worth it.

You can be whoever you want to be. 


Let’s be realistic, not everyone can grow up to be Superman, Snow White or a giant pumpkin. It’s not shattering dreams, it’s teaching them that some things are just not possible.

Quote: I can tell you’re lying, your nose is growing.


Okay, there is no scientific evidence to show that if you lie, your nose grows. I mean, no one is Pinocchio. Yet it is something we always tell children, why? Because we presume it will make them always tell the truth. Doesn’t work though.

I have eyes in the back of my head.


Your child will think you can genuinely see what they are doing when your back is turned. Don’t be fooled, this lie doesn’t last too long. They soon realise that you simply have hair and no hidden eyes.

The biggest lies FQ writers heard as kids

“Lying doesn’t get you anywhere” – Tim

“Men don’t like women who dress provocatively” – Seema

“They told me they loved me” – Steven

But the most classic of lies every dad tell their child is that they are the best. Luckily, your kids will always think this one is true.