Pride of the pack – Dad’s who are proud

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Expressing pride isn’t easy and it’s something even Cricket stars parents struggle with.

The England Women’s Cricket squad is made up of a diverse group of women. Each with their own personal stories of how they achieved success. The parents of four members of the England Cricket team created a video celebrating their pride for their children. A parent of each player was invited to speak about their child’s drive to go boldy and achieve cricketing success.

Watch the parents of Jenny Gunn MBE, Katherine Brunt, Lauren Winfield and Georgia Elwiss express their pride

Little did they know that they were being secretly watched by the very people they were talking about. What ensued were some poignant, funny and embarrassing moments for the players as they watched their parents. They told childhood stories and more recent tales of injury and family tragedy.

Reflecting on the day, Georgia Elwiss was moved when he spoke about the pride he has for her.

It’s been really nice to see how my dad sees me now and what he’s wanted for me. The fact that I have almost achieved that and surpassed what any of us ever thought would happen with cricket is an amazing feeling.

Have you ever wanted your child to follow in your footsteps or listen to your advice?

We think every parent relishes in the idea that their kids will listen to them. It’s always nice to hear a parent say the words “I’m proud of you”. Boys and girls need to hear those words. As dads, it’s easy to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do, but it can be harder to open up and tell them how proud you are of them.

No matter what your child does today, make sure they know you are proud of them.