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These Engagement Destinations Are Likely To End in Divorce, Study Reveals

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

With Valentine’s Day coming up, there’s bound to be a whole bunch of proposals on the cards. With this in mind, we wanted to find out where to get engaged to give your marriage the best chance of going the distance.

3,465 divorcees who got engaged abroad were surveyed to see which country/city they got engaged in and what the weather/temperature was like that day.

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Study Highlights

  • A whopping 23% of people who got divorced got engaged in Paris – turns out the most romantic city in the world isn’t the best place to pop the question after all!
  • Following closely behind in second place is Iceland, with 18% of those getting engaged under the northern lights ending up spouse-less.
  • Argentina and Mexico have the lowest divorce rates on our list, with 2% and 1% respectively of our survey respondents getting engaged at these destinations
  • The hotter the climate at the time of engagement, the hotter your marriage prospects! Tulum has the hottest average temperature (25°C) and the lowest percentage (1%) of marriages ending in divorce
  • Cooler destinations such as Paris (5°C) and Iceland (-1°C) are the top two engagement destinations where marriages turn cold, with divorce percentages of 23% and 18% respectively.

See table below for the full data set:

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Top 12 engagement destinations that ended in divorce

Engagement destination% of marriages ending in divorceAverage Spring Temperature
Paris, France235°C
New York, USA144°C
Vancouver, Canada104°C
Bodrum, Turkey710°C
The Maldives524°C
Venice, Italy34°C
Santorini, Greece213°C
Buenos Aires, Argentina222°C
Tulum, Mexico125

In conclusion, if you’re planning to propose this Valentine’s Day, maybe hold off until you can travel further afield to warmer climates. Alternatively, turn up the heating to pop the question for a longer lasting marriage…!

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