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Iwan Thomas interview

Iwan Thomas
Written by Steven White

We caught up with former Olympic runner Iwan Thomas to chat babies, weaning and more.

Iwan Thomas became a father for the first time at the end of last year and we found out just how life has changed for the ex-Olympian…

How do you balance work with fatherhood?

I have taken time out from work since becoming a father and if I’m honest I’m not saying life needs to totally change,  of course I need to earn money for a living,  but my number one priority is to spend time with my boy as much as I can.

Have you devised a weaning plan yet?

If I’m totally honest I haven’t devised a plan as of yet. I probably should look to the future a bit more but the moment I just deal with Teddy and his daily needs as they are now – which consists of eating, burping, going to the toilet, sleeping and repeat. We have an amazing Beaba Babycook NEO, which I’m looking forward to using when the time is right.

How do you make sure Teddy has a healthy diet?

He is still being breastfed but I became really aware of nutrition and food  during my time on Masterchef and now through my work with Healthspan Nutirition. So despite my love of burgers, I am going to rustle up some really healthy food for Teddy with the help of the Babycook Neo.

How do you think the role of ‘being dad’ has changed?

Maybe my parents are very old-fashioned but as far as I can remember, my mum was very hands-on and my dad took a slight backseat. I think nowadays it’s an equal role and it’s very important for the child to have a good bond with both parents and for dad’s to share the load as well as the cuddles.

Will you encourage Teddy to follow in your sporting footsteps?

I will encourage Teddy to pursue any of his dreams and if those are in sport (if I’m honest I would like it), then I won’t be a pushy parent, I’ll just be very supportive and encourage him to be the very best he can be. And most of all have a smile on his face

How do you feel you’ve changed since becoming a dad?    

I know I have changed so much since becoming a father. Being a professional sportsman I always had to be very selfish – it’s always been about me me me – but now it’s all about Teddy.

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