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Best Baby Monitors of 2014

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Baby monitors, as we all know, are a great way to keep tabs on your baby and make sure they’re getting that all-important good night’s sleep.  Not only do they allow parents to relax a little during an incredibly stressful time but give you the security to go about your daily chores without constantly worrying if they’re alright.

There are a few important features to look out for when shopping for baby monitors, including if they are analogue or digital, whether they transmit both audio and video, or simply checking if they have a low-battery indicator feature and connect to the internet so you can follow your baby from wherever you are online. Here are our picks for the best monitors currently on the market:

Angelcare AC401

This monitor provides 2 frequencies and 8 channels to provide crystal clear sound quality and minimal interference. Boasting a range of 100 metres indoors and 250 outdoors, make sure you are never out of reach of your baby. The product comes with a cord, switching instantly to battery power in case of a power cut, in addition to showing warnings when the monitor is out of reach or the batteries are running low. The AC401’s LCD screen also allows parents to monitor room temperature. The most prominent feature, however, is the SensorPad, which detects movements from your baby and sounds an alarm if it does not detect movement for 20 seconds.

RRP: £99.99

Babymoov with Green Technology

This great piece of baby tech boasts a range of 1400 metres, with voice-activated functions. It also features a low battery indicator and the ability to operate 2 transmitters, which comes in particularly handy in households with more than one baby. The “Green Technology” provides low-emissions which is ideal for the cautious parent who is looking to go one-step further. Babymoov also offers lifetime warranties on all of its products.

RRP: £79.99

BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

This is a versatile product: it serves as a baby monitor by providing you with crisp HD sound quality, a range of 50 metres indoors and 300 outdoors, and a temperature gauge, but it also acts as its name suggests: as a pacifier, which comes with a “starry night projected light show combined with a wide range of lullabies.” It also allows for Auxiliary iPod/MP3 support, giving you the freedom to listen and to play your baby’s favourite songs.

RRP: £89.99

Chicco Top Digital Video Baby Monitor

This one of course is different in that it provides not only audio support, but also visuals of your baby – in case you’re not content with just listening in on your baby. The camera allows for audio and video recording, so that you never miss a previous moment. It comes equipped with DECT technology, which assures that there will be zero interference with other household items such as radios and cordless phones and features a thermometer, an MP3 connection 2 way communication, a range of 150 metres and the techy ability to double as a digital photo frame.

RRP: £199.99

Hush Comfort Plus

This monitor is quality at its most basic, offering you all the features you need whilst being affordable. Like most of its competition, it provides a thermometer with the freedom to choose an alert for upper and lower limits, as well as a range of 50 metres and 300 metres inside and outside respectively. The digital clock (a feature available on the rest of the products on this list) allows you to set alerts for various times of the day. A simple but effective option.

RRP: £49.99