Storybook Skincare for Kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Skincare experts Aveeno have teamed up with acclaimed children’s author Penelope Harper to help parents in the battle against eczema.

As a parent, you’ll know all too well that trying to get your kids to do what’s best for them is usually an uphill battle. Whether it’s eating their vegetables, going to bed or having a bath, getting your little terror to play along is practically impossible sometimes.

The same goes for taking care of their skin. In a child’s eyes, it’s just another one of those silly things that is important to Mum and Dad and gets in the way of their fun!

“According to research from Aveeno, 43% of mums agree that their child finds it hard to understand why they need to apply cream every day.” 

Eczema, aside from causing significant discomfort to your child, can also be the source of much anxiety in parents, especially if they are new to the experience.

The Dry-Ventures of Ellie & Eddie

More often than not, when it comes to getting your kids on board with something as seemingly trivial as a skincare routine, the problem lies in the fact that they simply don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Thankfully, leading skincare brand Aveeno have come up with a great solution. Working with children’s author Penelope Harper, they have put together a series of books that strive to educate kids on the causes of dry skin and the benefits of a regular skincare routine – all of which are free to download!

The series follows the “dry-ventures” of Ellie and her pet gecko (lizards are experts on dry skin of course!) as they experience the blight of dry skin first-hand and learn how to effectively manage eczema-prone skin.

Penelope Harper takes the potentially (pardon the pun) “dry” topic of eczema and impressively builds it into a very enjoyable book complete with humour and even useful rhymes to help turn the mundane task of applying various creams into a bit of fun.

The first book, Bye Bye Dry Skin, covers the causes of dry skin and emphasises the importance of bath time, while the latest edition, Happy Skin Holidays, focuses on the challenges associated with setting up a skincare routine when out and about.

With a third book on the way later this year, there’s no doubt Ellie and Eddie will help your kids become eczema experts in no time.

It’s All in the Routine

Remember, Eczema is something that afflicts kids and grown-ups alike. Keeping skin moisturised daily is the cornerstone of managing dry, eczema-prone skin. By using emollient products on a daily basis, you can reduce the frequency of flare-ups and take back control of your skin.