Choosing the right diamond gift for a loved one

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

When it comes to buying gifts, making the right choice can be daunting.  If you want to offer something really special to a loved one then diamond jewellery is a great way to stand out.

Our simple guide below makes it easier to select the right jewellery. 

Focus on what they want rather than what you want to give

Quite often we assume we know what people want based off our own desires and this can lead to the wrong decision.  Diamonds come in different sizes, colours and cuts.  Try to do some research or a bit of undercover work to see what they like most!  What is their favourite colour?  Do they prefer earrings that stand out to be noticed or that are smaller and discreetly shaped for example?

When will it be worn and what impact do you want it to give?

Jewellery that stands out may be perfect for a night out – to show off to friends – but it may not be suitable for everyday wearing in an office environment where subtly is better.  Earrings tend to be for occasional use.  If you want to give something that is worn everyday then necklaces  and rings are more suitable.

Decide on your budget

When researching the right gift make sure you are clear how much you want to spent.  The bigger the occasion, the more you are likely to spend for that special person.  The price range can be enormous for diamond jewellery but the cost of a quality earring or necklace is not necessarily expensive.  There are some great bargains out there.

Know your diamonds

Do you know your 4Cs?  That’s Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity.  The Lure Diamonds website offers an overview of the various types of diamonds including explanations and images of different diamond cuts.  A Princess cut for example looks different to a Pear or Emerald cut.  Some cuts are more suitable for rings while others look best on earrings.  The colour of the diamond can also make a considerable difference to the overall appearance.

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