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The pick of men’s fashion influencers 2019

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Written by Steven White

Check out these five top fashion influencers to follow as picked by fashion retailer Urban Excess.

Before the advent of social media, ‘influencer’ wasn’t a term used the way it is often is now. Now, with platforms like Instagram, anyone can be an influencer – for example in men’s fashion. Because there are tons of guys out there looking for a little sprinkling of fashion inspiration in their lives.

Everyone’s looking for the perfect laid-back style, which is why street wear is currently trending. It’s easy to spot the basics of bomber jackets, joggers, sneakers and more, but it’s different when someone helps you put the whole look together.

If you’re looking to stock your closet with urban classics, here are a few men’s fashion influencers Urban Excess suggest following this year.

Phil Cohen

If you’re ever wondering what your closet should look like, Phil Cohen opens up the eyes to dream wardrobes. Most fashion influencers only give you a glimpse into an outfit. Just a glimpse at Phil’s Instagram shows all the pieces you could ever need for the smoothest street wear. From a stylish pair of frames to a minimal watch, his popular account known for style grids is the quick hookup for some style inspiration. (Follow Phil @thepacman82.)

Matthew Spade

Stationed in Lancashire, UK Mat matches his street style with his daily life, whether he’s fishing in Scotland or doing a photoshoot in Barcelona. While his glasses look smart, his wardrobe is definitely street. Whether he’s stopping for a coffee or he’s on the move, Mat will have you ready to revamp your closet. (Follow Matthew @mat_buckets.)

Bret Hoffer

We’re bringing the streetwear to California with Bret Hoffer. Most people think that streetwear fashion is for the 20- and 30-somethings, but Bret is representing for men 40 and over. With Henley t-shirts and classic bomber jackets, he’s a marker to show that a more urban look can definitely keep silver foxes looking young. (Follow Bret @silverfox_collective.)


If style grids are your thing, Junho is another influencer that needs to be on your follow list. Some people need you to draw a map for their outfit while others just need the basics. With a more minimalistic look to his page, if you’re looking for guidance with a simple jacket, joggers and sneakers, he’ll get you headed in the right direction. (Follow Junho @mrjunho3.)

Joey London)

For a mix of fashion and wanderlust, Joey London will give you both. As he travels around London, Amsterdam, and Ibiza, he brings street wear to the streets of Europe. With wardrobe staples like white sneakers and a crisp, form-fitting jacket, his style is a mix of fresh vibes and effortless swag. (Follow Joey @joeylondonstyle.)

If you’re ready to get your life and closet together, these are the influencers you need to be following. You could bring the urban fashion from the streets and into your home at the touch of your fingers. Don’t sleep on these fashion influencers because you might find yourself slipping in the wardrobe department.

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