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Curious Roo: perfect coffee delivered to your door

Curious Roo coffee
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out how you can have the finest coffee around posted straight to your home.

Curious Roo Coffee Roasters is a small but mighty roastery in Stamford Brook in Chiswick, London.

It provides top UK cafes with some of the nation’s finest specialty-grade coffee. Now, with Curious Roo at Home, you can get the best beans in the business delivered straight to your door.

Visit the roastery itself or go to the online shop here and buy some seriously good independent coffee. We tried the Barn Door Blend, a mix of Columbian and Brazilian coffee, and loved its taste – we’re hooked!

Sustainable coffee

Owners Edwin and Magda perfectly blend their passion for coffee with the science of how to make it taste great. Importantly, they care about the sustainability and traceability of their coffee.

They even roasts a variety which originates right where Edwin and Magda’s own coffee journey began in Uganda. Hand-selecting sources and farms, the coffee beans made here don’t taste great by accident.

And if you’re interested in learning how coffee is roasted, click here for the Roasting Foundation Course at Curious Roo.

Exceptional Coffee Courses at Artisan Coffee School

Curious Roo ensures that the beans it delivers to its customers, serves in its Artisan cafes and distributes to other leading cafes are perfect.

If a cafe decides to use their beans, the roastery provides free training at their Artisan Coffee School to make sure they’re brewing the beans to perfection too.

The school offers Europe’s leading coffee courses, suitable for anyone from amateur homebrewers to barista pros. 

Located in a specially built workshop at the Artisan’s Ealing cafe, the school provides top-draw training in barista skills and brewing techniques, as well as sensory and roasting courses. The Signature Master Class and Home Brew Master Class are their most popular classes and make a fantastic day-out with friends or a loved one. 

The Artisan Coffee School uses Curious Roo Coffee for each of its training courses so that participants may perfect their coffee-making skills with the finest coffee around. 

Experience the art of coffee making for yourself by clicking here to find the course calendar which includes the Signature Master Class & Home Brew Master Class.

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