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6 ways to optimise your beard

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Forget a signature style. The latest male grooming trend is to not have one according to research by Panasonic Grooming.

Apparently two-thirds (57%) of mean are re-shaping their facial hair monthly to suit their lifestyle or job, the occasion or the trend that month – so it’s all about diversity. One minute you may be looking for short stubble, the next a styled goatee.

To help you stay on top of your beard game, Paul Harmer from Thy Barber, London offers his top beard grooming tips for maintaining your mane between visits to the barber shop:

1. Trimmer hygiene

Before using any tools, remember to thoroughly clean your machines and keep them well-oiled to maximise power and performance. It is also worth upgrading your appliance and opting for one with self-cleaning functions. Technological innovations mean even those who are in a rush before work can simply place their trimmer or shaver in a self-cleaning dock station and let the machine do the messy part, so it’s just the basin that needs attention.

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