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Iconic fragrances from Dunhill London

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Fancy yourself as an Icon?

If your answer was no, then Dunhill London’s Icon Collection is here to be your first step in being one.

The definition of a heritage brand is often regarded as one that has stood above the rest over time. A brand with a history and a strong sense of who they are. Britain has Burberry, Barbour, Hackett and Henry Poole, etc. But one which may have fallen under your radar is the iconoclastic brand that is Dunhill London.

From humbling motor racing beginnings, Dunhill has grown strength from strength in its leather goods and eventually fashion branding. Quintessentially British and sports-inspired, Dunhill is now a global phenomenon. From luggage to bespoke suits you can find pretty much something for everyone encompassed under one brand.

What I believe to be a strength of Dunhill is it’s brevity in fragrances. They are never too flash, gaudy or overwhelming, but kept rather simple and significant. There are currently four exquisite fragrances on offer under their suitably named collection ‘Icon’, which is just enough variety for a brand that didn’t start out as a parfumerie. If that wasn’t enough, each fragrance is bottled in the brands signature Engine Turn Design.

ICON, £77 from Dunhill London

The open road and the thrill of travel inspired  ICON. Lavender de Provence, rare Oud wood from the Middle East, Italian Bergamot and Neroli Absolut enhance the masculine notes of black pepper and cardamom to create the perfect aroma for men on the move. The base note is Oris leather, the aroma you most want to linger with its compelling warmth. This is a fragrance journey from east to west with detours to the most exotic places on earth.

ICON ABSOLUTE, currently on sale for £67.50 from Pritchads

Masculine and modern, ICON ABSOLUTE is Dunhill London’s most contemporary fragrance. ABSOLUTE embodies Dunhill London’s sophisticated, adventurous heart through the blending of rich, earthly saffron with the heady aromas of velvety black rose and Egyptian jasmine. The fragrance reveals itself with the ICON family’s signature notes of Sicilian bergamot and black pepper with woody cardamom. The base notes clothes the wearer in the rich, masculine aromas of smoky Oud wood, tobacco and Tuscan leather.

ICON ELITE, currently on sale for £57 from Pritchards

ICON ELITE is Dunhill London’s most energising fragrance for men. Crafted around the core notes of Sicilian bigarade, vetiver and sandalwood, ELITE, is an aroma bursting with energy for on-the-go style.

From these invigorating core notes, blue sage, and juniper create new layers of complexity to the eau de parfum’s signature. Finishing a profound dry down of ebony wood and black suede ELITE’s compelling cocktail of aromas continues for hours beyond its initial application. ELITE is a fragrance to savour.

ICON RACING, £84 from Dunhill London

Icon Racing is the latest fragrance in Dunhill’s Icon collection. Inspired by the speed, colour and history of British motoring. A truly masculine scent.

Which one will you choose? Or if you’re really rolling in the cash monies I would suggest buying them all, for all the different occasions and situations life throws at you! Either way, Dunhill’s Icon collection is sure to be your first step in becoming an Icon.