Dad’s Grooming – 10 Must-Have Products

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As a dad it can sometimes feel as though you don’t really have time to spend on yourself, but these must-haves are quick to work into your routine.

Men can be conscious about body image in different ways to women, but these products will soon have you grinning at the mirror. If you look at your best, you tend to feel more positive and confident which can only translate through to work and at home – so check out our guide to the grooming essentials…

In-shower moisturiser

Moisturising nightly often seems to be more of a mum thing, but dads can have dry skin too. In-Shower moisturiser does exactly what it says on the bottle: you apply it in the shower and then rinse it off leaving you with soft skin. Lots of men seem to dislike the greasy residue that is left after using leave-on products, but that’s now a thing of the past. Nivea does a great one with neutral scents and the best part is that it only takes a moment extra so no time wasted in your busy schedule.

Pumice Stone

Using these is the best way to get rid of any hard skin, especially on your feet. It will also mean that any moisturiser you use will be more effective. Pumice Stones are easy to find, usually sold in big supermarkets as well as chemists. They are quite a gentle way to exfoliate, but if you’re really going for it then be careful in any areas with softer skin.

Shaving cream and brush

These help to achieve a clean shave, not to mention being kinder on your skin than just water. Cream is more soothing and less drying than most foams and gels. To get the best, lathering a brush is important while also feeling more luxurious to use. There are so many different razors to choose from, but even some that are electric can be used with cream. Just by adding these little extras to your morning routine, you can instantly feel a difference – and your children will be pleased they don’t have to endure any more bristly kisses! Investing in a quality set like Tweezerman’s GEAR Range is definitely worth it here, as they offer products targeted at men such as a deluxe shaving brush made from badger hair and tweezer set, which can make a real difference to the experience. 

(Side note: Please change your blades or clean the razor head regularly! Blunt or dirty razors damage the skin, can cause horrible irritation and do not shave efficiently.)

Razor Bumps Solution

Razor bumps and ingrowing hairs can look unsightly and be annoyingly painful. A solution to tackle this sorts out the problem quickly and effectively, leaving your skin soft and supple. There’s plenty to choose from on the market including roll-ons for fast application.

Lip Balm

Sore and dry lips are a problem for everyone, particularly in today’s unpredictable weather. You probably won’t want to apply this every day, but for when chapped lips occur, it’s good to have some ready. Vaseline can always be used or Jack Black does a particularly good lip balm recommended for men.


Lots of men are uncomfortable with their eyebrows, but just don’t do anything about it. Guys, it won’t grow the way you want magically and plucking is the easiest way to solve this. There are of course other ways, but plucking is easiest at home. You don’t need to focus on shaping them, just pluck out the stray hairs (especially any mono-brow) and you’ll be looking sharp in no time at all.


So many men don’t bother with sun-cream, which leaves them like lobsters in the summer. Being all sore and red isn’t fun, so apply it regularly in the sun to avoid burning. Cancer Research UK has shown that men are now diagnosed with skin cancer almost as much as women, with a statistic difference of only 0.1, so it’s even more important to use it. If you’re still burning, use a higher factor. As a dad you know how important it is to keep putting sun-cream on your children in the hot weather, so set a good example and keep your skin protected too.

Electric Toothbrush

Looking for bright white teeth? Electric toothbrushes are the way to go. They give a deep clean that is far more effective than manual brushes and dentists strongly recommend them. The best electric versions also have a buzzer so you know when you’ve been cleaning for the right amount of time. You are able to recharge some brands, which reduces cost over time. Toothpastes are made specifically for them, but most including whitener should improve tooth colour. 

Nose hair scissors

Nose hair scissors are perfect as a cheaper alternative for those who can’t bear eye watering electric trimmers. It’s such a sensitive area that trimming it seems to be a much more preferable option and is right back in fashion.  The scissors come with a blunt end for safety, so you don’t have to worry about catching yourself. Nose hair isn’t really pleasant to look at and this is an easy way to solve the problem.

Men’s Fragrances

Every man prefers different scents and every man suits different scents. There’s a huge variety of choice, but that means there’s definitely lots that you’ll love. If you can’t choose, take your partner with you and choose from the ones they like. A bottle of your favourite is great to have for those dinner dates with your partner or even just to spritz on after a session at the gym, leaving you feeling (and smelling) your best.