5 Products for Dads With Sensitive Skin

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Do you suffer with sensitive skin? Redness, soreness and razor rash sound familiar? Well you are not alone when it comes to suffering with irritation.

Research by Nivea Men found that sensitive skin actually affects 57% of men, but nearly half don’t use skincare products that will help solve the problem.

Men often don’t see skincare as important because their skin tends to be more resilient and less prone to issues from sudden hormonal changes and Dads in particular can think they’re too busy to fit any more into their routine, despite it only really being 5 minutes extra or less. To look your best you need to create a good skincare routine so we found 5 great products for sensitive skin that even the most stubborn guys can work into their day.

Nivea Men Sensitive Facewash

A new luxurious masculine range of Nivea Men sensitive skin care products has just been released, including a new facewash that dads will enjoy. Soothing, with a Chamomile and Vitamin E formula to cleanse tender skin, it softens hair so you can shave with ease. It contains no alcohol or soap, which are huge reasons for dryness in the skin. The natural ingredients have been proven to provide relief, working with sensitive skin to offer immediate protection – perfect for removing any impurities or excess oils which cause spots and flaky or greasy skin.

Neal Yard Remedies Invigorating Body Wash

Neal Yard Remedies (NYR) are committed to creating more natural products, moving away from synthetic creams and soaps to give a revitalising wash. This body wash contains Burdock, Witch hazel and Calendula to calm the skin and leave you refreshed. These are mixed with plant oils and resins to give an eco-friendly feel that works wonders on sensitive skin. If you’re a dad who wants to go natural to alleviate skin irritation, this is the ideal body wash for you.

Nivea Men Sensitive Moisturiser

Another masterpiece from Nivea, this moisturiser actually lessens sensitivity with regular use. It is fragrance free, with no alcohol again to avoid dryness and contains Witch hazel and Chamomile, which are proven to be naturally gentle to use. Like all Nivea products, it’s priced well and sold in good quantities to last you much longer with regular use. For Dads who want soft skin, it’s worth using daily.

ClarinsMen After Shave Soother

All dads can find themselves with redness, razor burns or irritation after shaving and ClarinsMen After Shave Soother quickly tackles this problem. It’s not oily like many other after shave gels, but light and gentle which is pleasant. Blue Alpine Thistle, Centella and Purslane have been added to comfort your skin and it’s highly absorbant so your chin can look and feel great.

Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser

Skin can easily become fragile and sore, not just from shaving but other outside stressors too – lack of sleep, too much coffee and high-chemical products can all play a part. Forward thinking and chemical free, this product from Bulldog is one every Dad should have on his shelf! It has all natural ingredients including Green tea, Konjac Mannan, Green Algae and Vitamin E. and it also comes in a handy travel size, which means you can have soothed skin wherever you go.

Why bother?

Regular skincare is important as our skin loses moisture and is exposed to external factors daily that can make the skin sore – particularly skin that’s more sensitive. Having one travel sized moisturiser for your briefcase is a good idea, so you can apply it as soon as you notice dry skin and a bigger pot of moisturiser is great for daily use at home. Start developing your own skincare routine and you may be surprised to find out how good it feels to have soothed and smoothed skin instead of it always being sore and sensitive. 

Dads need to remember the importance of skincare, even with their busy schedules and often high-pressure lives. Try swapping a normal product with one specifically for sensitive skin, it doesn’t disrupt your normal routine and you will see the benefits in no time.