Movember Style

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s that time of the year again where men all across the world attempt to grow a moustache in the name of charity, but have you mastered your Movember look?

The Movember Foundation is committed to changing the face of men’s health, by working to save and improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. For the last decade, men have been trying to emulate Tom Selleck with hilariously mixed results. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top Movember looks and how you can set about styling them.

Before we get into the world of marvellous moustaches, you should first brush up on the Movember rules:

The Hulk Hogan

The first look is the iconic ‘Hulk Hogan’ handlebar, which is always a great place to start when your mo may be struggling to appear in the first few days of the month. To groom it, you’ll need to wet shave the rest of your face and shape the handlebar on a daily basis.

A good razor definitely helps you achieve the best look – something like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler can really help attain a well-defined edge and ensure your tache is symmetrical. Some guys also choose to pair the handlebar with a ‘soul patch’ below the bottom lip or a pair of ‘lamb chop’ sideburns. 

There’s definitely a comedic element to growing a handlebar, especially if you’re not a pro wrestler or a member of the Hell’s Angels. An important part of Movember is sacrificing your conventional image and putting together a facial effort that never looks quite how you imagined it would. If you’re confident enough or don’t mind a bit of self-deprecation, then this is the look for you!

The Salvador Dali

The most extravagant and flamboyant of styles, the Salvador Dali is arguably the hardest to pull off. Patience is needed here in order to achieve the perfect twists in your moustache, so you will probably have to bide your time.

What you’ll be looking for is maximum length in your bristles, so you can’t trim them back. However, you will get flyaway strays that you will need to rein in but you can easily do this with moustache wax. Similarly to the ‘Hulk Hogan’, you should clean shave the rest of your face to emphasise the look while using a styler to get the ends in an upward position.

Once they’re long enough, you can twirl them like there’s no tomorrow. Because this is such a strong look, you will need to match it with what you wear. You can either go for a stylish approach, taking on the vintage but classy look, or you can fully embrace the moustache and let your imagination run fee, your choice.

The Albert Einstein

Your age will most likely play a big part in whether or not this style works for you. The ‘Albert Einstein’ is generally reserved for older gentlemen as it comes with an air of sophistication and authority that can only be achieved with years of practice.

There are two ways you can approach this. The first theory is that Einstein allowed his hair to grow wild in order to give himself the mad scientist look. We’re a little sceptical about this method but if you’re feeling especially crazy, go for it!

The other (and more sensible) option is to style this bushy behemoth yourself. In order to do this, you’ll need a pair of trimming scissors, a fine comb and some wax from the barbers. Fitting with the old-school gentleman look, go for some tweed, elbow patches and some timely brogues. It’s sure to give you an unrivalled air of refinement.

The Clarke Gable

Subtle and light, the ‘Clarke Gable’ is perfect for those who may not want to make the boldest of statements, but want to make one nonetheless. Named after the legendary actor, the look can go two ways: Either it exudes class and suaveness, or it takes on a more devilish and confident side.

Precise and meticulous, careful trimming will be necessary to achieve the thin shape, meaning a steady hand and the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler are again your main allies. (Alongside a moustache comb and wax to help preserve the look). You can also slick your hair back to take it one step further, or even bring the quiff out.

A smart moustache calls for a smart look, which means you’re going to have to suit up to bring the best out of it. A double-breasted suit, a tie and even an overcoat will turn you into the archetypal modern gentleman.

The Ron

Named after two hilarious characters, the ‘Ron’ is based on Will Ferrell’s classic creation Ron Burgundy and Nick Offerman’s character in Parks & Recreation, Ron Swanson.

Incredibly ‘old school’, this look is more retrosexual than metrosexual and in keeping with this line of thinking, the idea of grooming is almost seen as irrelevant. Apart from maintaining a clean-shaven face, let it grow as much as possible to get the most out of it.

Basically an anti-fashion statement, it falls in line to a similar trend called ‘Normcore’, with the major aim of being intentionally uncool. One of the most hardcore Movember looks, it will leave you at the mercy of people on the street simply believing you are stuck in the past.

There you have it ‘Mo Bros’, let nothing stop your from shaping your Movember masterpiece and tackling men’s health issues in the process.