New Jeep Compass

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The new Compass marks a major step in the importance of the historic Jeep brand.

The fresh model has a strong aesthetic character, enhanced by a refined and distinctive style. All this crowned by the renowned Jeep 4×4 capability, a feature honed over 80 years of leadership in off-road driving, in the name of the marque’s claim: ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’. 

The exterior of the new Compass sports a more sophisticated, modern design, perfectly adapted to its urban character. The changes are mainly to the front, now featuring a broader, athletic appearance, achieved using stylistic elements that highlight the vehicle’s breadth. 

Compared with the outgoing version’s separate fog lamp housing, these components are now integrated into a single wide linear opening in the centre, resulting in a ‘layered’ construction of the front. The horizontal elements emphasise the linearity of the design, while the sculpted surfaces and the three-dimensional effect of the seven-slot grille underscore its dynamism.

The daytime running lights, now marked out by their subtle elongated form, have also been repositioned. They are now built into the main headlights. The lower opening and skid plate are wider and more noticeable too. 

At the rear, the horizontal lines of the front continue and characterise the sleek cut of the taillights, providing a more modern and commanding look. Additionally, the increased functionality of the new Compass includes a new tailgate. This is operated by making a kicking motion under the bumper to open.

The interior of the new Jeep Compass is far more modern and sophisticated. The update is all-encompassing, involving the dashboard, central tunnel and door panels. The result is a more refined and roomy cabin, featuring premium materials and technical details. 

The overlap of materials and fabrics has given the new dashboard a three-dimensional design with a horizontal ‘three-layer’ development. The central horizontal dashboard panel is now more elegant, with ultra-slim air intakes that almost disappear into its layered structure. The controls are seamlessly integrated and easy to reach, as is the higher positioned touchscreen that dominates the middle of the dashboard.

A brand-new chrome insert surrounds the inner dashboard profile, too. This can also be customised in liquid chrome, brushed chrome, gloss black and metallic grey. Another new, high-tech feature for the Compass is the full-HD 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster. This helps to accentuate the feeling of modernity. The new model also features a DAB radio and Uconnect 5 system.

Furthermore, the interior has a new arrangement of the central console and augmented storage compartment space (providing nearly 4.4-litres of additional storage – a three-fold increase versus the 2.8-litres of the previous version, now with a total of 7.2-litres). Boot space remains at 438-litres with the seats up. 

In terms of safety, the new Jeep Compass offers an even more complete specification, suitable for everyday driving needs. As well as the systems now available as standard across the range – including Forward Collision Warning and LaneSense Departure Warning, Electronic Stability Control with Electronic Roll Mitigation and front, side and curtain airbags – the safety specifications are further enhanced with new devices and technology that refines the interaction between you, the vehicle and the road. These systems increase your field of vision, help make information easier to see and enable driver-assistance systems to ensure a safe and stress-free driving experience. 

The new Compass is the first Jeep vehicle in Europe to offer level 2 autonomous driving and is equipped with the latest generation ADAS, as standard. But the biggest new feature is the Highway Assist, combining Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centring, to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed and trajectory. The Jeep therefore automatically stays in the middle of the lane, at a sensible distance from the vehicle in front, for a driving experience with total peace of mind.

The new Compass is fitted with a choice of an efficient internal combustion or plug-in hybrid engine.

The 1.3-litre engine is designed to offer outstanding performance both on and off-road while delivering excellent driving comfort. It has been updated with specific turbo-matching, maximising the engine response at low revs and reducing CO2 emissions and consumption by up to 27 per cent when compared with the previous 4×4 petrol version with automatic transmission.

The 4-cylinder 1.3-litre turbo engine with plug-in hybrid technology, producing 240hp and 270 Nm of torque, is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and eAWD to power the 4xe versions. ‘4xe’ identifies all Jeep 4×4 vehicles featuring enhanced hybrid capability and performance, guaranteeing the best possible balance between efficiency, driving fun and attention to the environment. 

On the 4xe versions, the 1.3-litre turbo engine is paired with an electric motor located on the rear axle. This is powered by an 11.4kWh battery that can be recharged while driving or via an external power outlet. By combining the internal combustion engine and the electric motors, the new Compass 4xe guarantees remarkable performance, with acceleration from zero to 62mph in around 7.5 seconds.

4xe models are also ideal cars for driving in the city, courtesy of plug-in hybrid technology, offering zero-emissions travel in full-electric mode, with a range of approximately 30 miles, depending on the version. On longer hauls, with the internal combustion engine, average CO2 emissions are between 44 and 47g/km in hybrid mode.

For more information on the new Jeep Compass, click here.

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