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Written by Alexis De Leaver

The latest on the Notre-Dame cathedral fire to Tiger Woods’ greatest win, we have your weekly news stories here.

Notre-Dame cathedral catches fire…

One of France’s most iconic landmarks caught fire late Monday evening. Flames rushed through this historic monument destroying the spire as well as the 90-metre ceiling, that came crashing down. Four hundred firefighters were able to contain and control the fire by Tuesday morning, and thankfully were able to save all of the artwork. The start of the fire is inconclusive at the time of writing, but is believed to be an accident as Notre-Dame has been undergoing major renovations. Read the full story here.

The Microwave Challenge…

A new challenge has taken over the internet: the Microwave Challenge. While the movement of turning slowly looks easy enough, this challenge takes a certain amount of strength and focus.

Samsung Galaxy previews first folding phone…

Companies such as Apple and Android continue to push the boundaries on what our smartphones can do. The newest Samsung Galaxy may have everyone beat… (for now.) The newest Galaxy model boasts a 18 centimetre screen (7.3 inches) that literally folds in half. As if a screen that you can fold isn’t enough, this model also has six different cameras. You can get your hands on your very own Galaxy this 3rd May.

Tiger Woods takes it all…

World-famous golf star Tiger Woods wins his fifth Masters title. This has been a long time coming since his last win was in 2005. Congrats, Woods!

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