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Joe Wicks loves Joolz Essential Blankets

Joe Wicks
Written by Steven White

Fitness coach and dad Joe Wicks announces arrival of second baby with the help of Joolz Essential Blankets.

To announce the exciting news of baby number two, body guru Joe Wicks posted photos of his first child Indie wrapped in the Joolz Essentials Blanket on his Instagram account.

Joe’s daughter India in a Joolz Essential Blanket

The Joolz Essentials are made from 100 per cent organic cotton and are full of almost superhero powers. They absorb moisture, regulate heat and are just as soft as your baby’s delicate skin. 

Joolz Essentials Ribbed collection 

Blue ribbed blanket

A minimalistic design that embraces the natural beauty of your new world wonder – because your little one is the star of the show. 

Joolz Essentials Honeycomb collection

Off-white honeycomb blanket

An authentic honeycomb pattern has been knitted into the outside layer – because children like bears and bears like honey.

Each Joolz Essential Blanket is RRP £49.95 and available in blue, off-white, anthracite, pink and mint colours.

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