Diluo Leads Global Parenting Innovation

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Developed in Sweden, Diluo is leading a baby feeding revolution. 

With Diluo, infant formula or baby porridge is ready to serve in a matter of seconds, perfectly prepared at the right temperature with the correct ratio of powder to water. Parents can reach for their smartphone from their bed or coffee table and the Diluo app does the rest.

Promising to remove those middle of the night panics preparing your baby’s bottle and avoid hot spots from microwave heating, Diluo takes care of preparing your baby’s feeds in under 20 seconds. Users can also stay in touch with their Diluo via their smartphone, as it connects to your local home Wi-Fi network and is controlled via an app, meaning parents can prepare on the move.

There are settings for all UK formulas and brands already pre-set in the app and you can start Diluo with a simple tap of your phone. After a maximum time of 19 seconds, the portion is ready to serve in the bottle. It’s clean and easy, without lumps, prepared at the ideal temperature.

Rickard Åkerfalk, the creator of Diluo says “As an inventor I always strive to solve real-life problems. The idea of Diluo came to me in the middle of the night when I was holding a hungry, crying baby. I’m proud to be able to offer all parents and babies a better night’s sleep and an easier everyday life.”

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