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LittleLife Explorer S2

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The lightweight LittleLife Explorer S2 child carrier is all about easy transportation of your little one, so they can join you hassle-free wherever you go.

First Impressions

On first appearance, the carrier is coloured neutrally, with understated greys and blues. The masculine colours are perfect for dads who want their child to join them on trips out; dark enough not to pick up dirt too quickly or obviously, and fits nicely into both a countryside-walk setting or a more urban environment. It looks comfortable, both for you to wear and for your baby, with padded straps and a face protection cushion. It’s smaller than LittleLife’s other carriers – packing away neatly – but still manages a 17-litre storage capacity. It’s compact size also means it is the optimal carrier for storing in smaller houses or fitting into your car – especially if it’s full of suitcases for a holiday!


The Explorer S2 weighs in at only 2.5kg, making it lightweight to carry for longerwalks.The low weight of the carrier, plus its size, make it a good option to take on a plane for any trips abroad. Despite this lightness, it has lots of space for toys, nappies, wipes, food and anything else you feel you might need while out. This space comes not only in the form of a large front pocket and smaller side pocket, but also toy loops to attach dummies or favourite toys to – so if your little one fancies a nap on the go it’s no problem! These loops make toys and soothers easily accessible and hugely reduce the risk of a terrible incident such as loosing their favourite teddy while you walk.

Comfort-wise, the pivoting hip belt makes it easy to wear while walking and the seating area is specially shaped for your child. The weight is spread evenly across the back so there is no tension, stress or strain in any position and it simply feels like you are giving a very comfy piggy-back. Exactly what you want when going on a day trip or hike! The S2 is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and the face protection cushion is machine washable at 40 degrees, so dirt is not an issue.

It is worth noting that it does not stand up on its own, so if you stop for a picnic, your child may need to come out of the carrier. However, if they are already asleep, there is an anchor point that parents can use to provide stability and keep the carrier upright, though it will probably require holding as well. The Explorer S2 is recommended for children up to 3 years old, but bear in mind it depends on the size of your child and they may be too big or heavy to carry – especially for longer distances.

FQ Verdict

If you want a lightweight carrier with comfort at the forefront of its design, that can be easily packed away and stored or transported then this is an excellent choice. It ticks all the boxes, plus a few more with the toy loops and 17-litre storage capacity. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or clambering over fences in the country, this comfortable carrier means your child can always join you.