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Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Baby Monitor platinum – AC1100



The Angelcare AC1100 has it all and it’s hard to know what more this latest bit of kit could include.The understanding Angelcare have of what parents want in a baby monitor device is second to none and as ever they’ve poured all of their experience and understanding into the creation of the Angelcare AC1100, the ultimate piece of baby security tech. Combining HD video, sound and movement monitoring this 3 in 1 baby monitor offers all the reassurance a new parent would want.

The moment that we took it out of the packaging we knew that this monitor was going to be that little bit more premium than many of the others we had tested. The high level build quality struck us immediately giving a feel of reassuring robustness that frankly you would expect when purchasing something with a top end price tag. Still it was a nice surprise as you don’t always get what you pay for when shelling out at the higher end. 

We know we keep saying it but the Angelcare AC1100 is a top end bit of kit. Meaning it’s so feature packed that on this occasion you may even have to read the accompanying instructions and not just wing it as so many of us dads do. However once you take a little time to read up on the new toy you’ll be happily setting it up to make the most of it in no time.

The device comes in three main parts, the Parent Unit, the Baby Unit, and the Sensor Pad.

The Parent Unit, that’s the portable part, features an easy-to-use smart phone like 7cm LCD touch screen, which can be used to zoom and rotate the full colour camera to track every movement of your child and control the Baby Unit. It’s easy to use and most people, especially those used to touch screen technology, will have no problem finessing the finer points of screen use. Conveniently the unit also has a talk back function with microphone volume control, and temperature display. Add to all this an effective range of 200m, an out of range indicator for that extra peace of mind, and a battery unit that can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. Overall the Parent Unit’s build quality is top notch making it reassuringly portable for when you need to venture out of the house and into the garden.

The cone like Baby Unit is quite unobtrusive given that it’s packed with tech, and includes a HD video camera, temperature monitor and digital sound transmission microphone. With its infra-red LED camera watching baby clearly, and without disruption, at night is a doddle. It’s well built and sits well on a whole range of surface types.

The final component of the Angelcare AC1100 ensemble is the under-the-mattress sensor. Placed in the cot it goes virtually unnoticed enabling you to monitor all your baby’s movements, making even the tiniest breathing movements detectable.

FQ Dad Appeal Verdict

All in all the strong gadget like ‘Dad Appeal’ of this baby monitor device with its advanced Parent Unit and Motion Sensor, coupled with the reassuring ability to clearly observe and hear your baby, undeniably earns a big thumbs up from the FQ team. What more could you want in a baby monitor? Very little we suspect and the Angelcare AC1100 could end up being a purchase you make for one new born that gets used on many more occasions.