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Bugaboo Donkey Weekender- Limited Edition

The Donkey Weekender
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Donkey Weekender

First Impressions

The Donkey’s new look is all about being sporty yet elegant. Coming with a blue-grey outer fabric, grey lining and cognac hand-stitched leather-look handlebar and carry handle, there is a timeless quality to the design; almost like looking at your favourite pair of jeans. The leather details on the sun canopy also help to complete the stylish picture.

As with the original pushchair, the Donkey Weekender Mono offers excellent functionality. Although it’s built for use by one child initially, it can be easily converted into a side-by-side duo or twin pushchair by purchasing the matching limited-edition extension sets. This is an ideal solution for parents who want a product that can expand alongside their family.


Again, all of the top features from the standard Donkey are in play. The seat is easy to adapt for different situations and moods, able to face outwards or towards you as well as recline, lie flat or sit straight.

Other key standouts are the travel system compatibility with adaptors, five-point harness which is a doddle to operate, under-seat storage basket which holds 10kg and air-filled multi-terrain wheels capable of tackling the likes of sand and snow.

The Donkey Weekender also seems tailor-made for trips, whether that’s a journey to the local shop or a mini-break. Whilst getting around is made easy with the one piece fold, 60cm width in the Mono configuration and self-standing functionality, it’s actually a brand new feature that makes this product an ideal travelling companion.

Unique to this model, the pushchair comes with a detachable side luggage bag which can sit on the frame or be used independently. With magnetic buttons that can enlarge the volume up to 10kg, protective zipper and matching denim-esque styling, this is a great product in its own right and means you have a really spacious changing or weekend bag instantly at hand, wherever you are.

FQ Verdict

When it comes to making parents’ lives easier, this high-fashion version of the Donkey definitely has both beauty and brains.