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Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl and 2wayFix base

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As the first child car seat in Europe to comply with the safer i-Size regulations, the 2wayPearl car seat and 2wayFix Base from Maxi-Cosi offers a unique level of protection and versatility.

First Impressions

Coming in four rich colour-designs, the 2wayPearl has a classy appearance and dads in particular will love the tech elements in the base. The seat is also solidly built and gives the distinct impression the product will last as long as you need it.

Installation was a relatively simple affair; the 2wayPearl seat actually slots into the 2wayFix base, which comes separate. The base does take a bit of work to settle into place, including clicking two prongs into your car’s ISOFIX points and making sure the ‘leg’ section reaches down into the foot-well. One great aspect of the installation is the two green lights on the base, which flash to let you know you’ve fitted everything correctly – a system that’s both useful and comforting for parents. The seat then just slots into the base.

The versatility of the seat is a definite positive when it comes to your child’s comfort; the padding extends all the way around the seat and the harness straps and clip are straight-forward to use. The headrest also easily adjusts to your child’s height, which is a really nice touch and will have them snoozing away in no time. Another pleasant surprise was that with the base creating a higher position for the seat, the 2wayPearl offers kids a great view out of the windows.


The easy-in harness is a real life-saver, making getting your child in and out so much easier. These clever practical elements which make the whole process simpler are hugely important as parents are usually both strapped for time and may need to use a car seat on a daily basis. The interactive light and sound feedback from the 2wayFix base is also a wonderful feature, minimising the chance of incorrect installation and ultimately offering reassurance that everything has been done correctly – vital for inexperienced parents.

The real show-stopping features on the 2wayPearl is the i-Size additions, which mean you can have your child rearward-facing up to 4 years, not to mention offering enhanced protection for both the head and neck. The seat can face either backwards (for babies up to 15 months old) and forwards (for toddlers up to four years old).

Children who are used to the old laws may find suddenly adjusting to facing the rear unusual or uncomfortable at first, but it shouldn’t take them too long to adjust. The seat also has four reclining positions in both directions, so there’s more than enough flexibility to find a comfortable spot.

This seat and base combo probably isn’t suited to parents who regularly switch between cars, as the 2wayFix means the whole set-up becomes pretty bulky and it’s also worth mentioning that your car will need to have ISOFIX points – though most modern family cars have these attachments.

FQ Verdict

With supreme comfort, innovative safety features and versatile positioning, together, the 2wayPearl car seat and 2wayFix base deliver something pretty special.