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The Doona

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

An innovative approach to the traditional car seat/stroller, the Doona from Simple Parenting is the first of its kind, being that it is simultaneously both. With the ability to convert into a car seat and back again, you won’t see anything else like this on the market.

First Impressions

Whilst at first sceptical regarding how easy it would be to use, after the first go you realise it is just as simple and effective as it’s made to sound. It is literally made possible with the click of a button, seriously saving time for you or your partner when handling this usually troublesome task.

The Doona also saves a considerable amount of car boot space, meaning it’s great for any excursions with the family or if you’re on a school run or out shopping. What we found especially great about it is that you can even take it when flying, as it will easily fit down the side of a plane aisle. There is also the obvious financial benefits for parents to consider, as purchasing one of these will eliminate the need to buy both a car seat and a stroller, which is sure to save quite a bit of money.


The Doona will easily transform into either a car seat or stroller with the push of a button in under 10 seconds and it comes with the possibility of numerous clip-on accessories such as changing bags, sunshades, rain covers, and wheel protectors. Thanks to its unique structure, it allows the handle to position itself against the back seat of the car, providing your child with guaranteed anti-rebound protection. This means that in case of a collision, the handle will absorb the impact and prevent it from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, which dramatically reduces rebound injuries.

Some of the most common injuries relating to car seats and strollers are misuse and improper installation. However, the Doona comes with plenty of fail-safe mechanisms, assuring safe usage and preventing acts such as unintentional folding, sudden extension while in carry mode or rotation of the extended handle. When it comes to the Doona however, parents definitely need to read up on the guidelines!

When you collapse the stroller into the car seat, the back wheels conveniently tuck underneath the chair. Wheel covers are the best bet as they’ll make sure your car remains clean after putting it back in. It’s worth noting that isn’t safe however to put a cloth or towel underneath the seat.

Whilst it is an incredibly practical device, parents will need to be conscious of the fact that children aren’t intended to sit in it all day; as newborns neck muscles aren’t properly adapted yet, the fact they’ll be hunched over will make it difficult for them to breathe for long periods of time. Nevertheless, this warning certainly shouldn’t take away from what is a sleek and versatile combination.

FQ Verdict

The Doona is the only product to have passed both the car seat and stroller European safety standards, while it’s orthopaedic backrest and padding, enhanced with the shape of the shell, mean it’s one of the safest and most comfortable seats for infants on the market.