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The Charlie bag

The Charlie
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Charlie changing bag by iCandy is all about being practical and looking sharp.

First Impressions

Dads often get overlooked when it comes to baby changing bags, not so with iCandy’s Charlie bag. We could see it looked stylish, but the big question was just how practical is it for a dad toting around a baby? The answer is very. The Charlie is an extremely versatile bag and has clearly been designed with functionality in mind.

From the moment you see it, The Charlie looks high-quality and fashionable, a simple but sleek design with nothing overly fussy. The choice of colours is great, as although it comes in the unassuming black, you can also opt for eye catching red or purple, which is fantastic for the dad who wants a brighter colour. Often, changing bags designed for dads are restricted to boring blacks or browns, so it’s refreshing to have more choice.


The bag is very light and stylish, with a smooth finish, whilst the strap is durable and sits comfortably. The Charlie can be worn across the body, taking weight easily and is adjustable. Although the design really suits dads, this could easily be a great bag for both parents to use.

When it comes to function, there is plenty of room for essential items such as nappies, muslin cloths and wipes. It also features a removable insulated bottle pouch which keeps baby’s milk warm while on the go and can easily be taken out when your little one gets older.

The Charlie also comes with its own handy fold-up baby changing mat so you can avoid any unclean surfaces. It’s always great when a bag comes with its own changing mat because you don’t have to worry about whether a separately bought one will fit. The changing mat is easy to wipe clean and padded, offering your baby plenty of comfort.

It is without doubt the structure that makes this bag perfect for dads. It has multiple zipped pockets so storage is clear and simple, with everything quick-to-hand when needed. A neat compartment for cream means you don’t spend ages searching and keeps it away from everything else should there be a leak! As your child grows, The Charlie can easily be used as a trendy man-bag, with space for your laptop, and the useful compartments fitting your phone, MP3 player and USB.

FQ Verdict

If you’re searching for a bag that suits the modern dad and fuses practicality with really looking the part, then The Charlie has everything you need.