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Bumbo Baby Seat with Play Tray and Cover

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The Bumbo Floor Seat, Play Tray and Cover are specifically designed to allow your baby to sit independently so you can feed, play and read to them with ease.

First Impressions

On first appearance, the Bumbo Floor Seat can look a little like a potty, which is why the Sea Critters cover is such a great addition – instantly changing it to a more comfortable looking seat. The cover is bright, fun and features a colourful sea creature pattern which your little one should enjoy. It is a tight fit over the seat but still easy enough to put on and take off to wash. The cover also makes it easier to get your baby in and out of the seat which is very helpful.

The Seat looks sturdy and when paired with the Play Tray creates the perfect place for feeding a baby who’s just that bit too small for a full-size highchair. The tray has a very smooth and easy to clean surface, so your baby can get stuck into their food without worrying about the mess! It comes in two pieces which easily clip together and neatly fits onto the seat between the leg holes and the base of the seat. This will definitely create a great area for young babies to play with their toys, whilst keeping them in both sight and reach.


The Bumbo Floor Seat comes with a strap to keep your baby safely in place which is simple to clip together around them.

The seat is supportive but it’s very important to remember that it should only be used on the floor – it is not safe on raised surfaces in case the baby tips it off. That taken into account, this product could prove very useful for babies with reflux or colic because the upright position is beneficial post-feeding.

The Play Tray, which can be purchased alongside the seat, is most useful in helping your baby develop their motor skills as it means they can reach out and pick up toys in front of them. You could also use to rest a book on so they have a clear view of each page.

When your baby is comfortably sat in the seat, it’s easy for parents to get down to their level so they get a full view of your face. This makes it perfect for the period of time when babies are frustrated with lying down but don’t yet possess the muscle strength to sit unaided, or simply as an alternative to using ‘tummy time’ to avoid a flat head for those babies who dislike being on their front.

The ‘Sea Critters’ cover makes the seat a lot easier to clean and adds a nice personal touch; not to mention, helping to prevent your baby from getting too hot and sticky up against the seat.

FQ Verdict

If you have a baby who is frustrated with lying down but not quite ready to sit unaided, then this seat is a great solution – but we feel it should best be combined with other more mobile learning techniques and it’s important parents don’t put convenience first. In tandem with the Play Tray, it also easily caters for that all-important interaction between parent and child.