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Stokke Tripp Trapp

Tripp Trapp
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

An intelligent high chair, the Tripp Trapp from Stokke is a sleek continuation of the brand’s award-winning legacy.

First Impressions

Finding a reliable and long-lasting high chair can be a challenge for parents, but Stokke usually make you feel as though you’re in safe hands. The first thing you notice is the easily adjustable nature of the Tripp Trapp, which – as you don’t have to constantly reconfigure it – saves you plenty of time before sitting down to eat.

The fact that the chair grows with your child is another added bonus, meaning you don’t need to replace it every few months. Although the design might seem pretty minimalistic when first taken out of the box, from the first use, it will become clear that this is a simple but extremely reliable product for parents.


Ideal to use from 6 months onwards, with it adjusting to your child, the chair also comes with a positioning guide so that you know how best to place it according to age. Ergonomically sound and comfortable thanks to the adjustable seat, foot plate and padded seating, it leaves you free to concentrate on making family meals that much more enjoyable.

The Tripp Trapp also improves your child’s posture and supports their developing spine, providing enough bodily freedom so they are safe, but not confined. This a huge plus, as it leaves your little one having fun and feeling free, but more importantly, safe and secure.

This can become an incredibly personalised chair, not just through adaptability but also with the range of sleek colours to choose from, which really help make the Tripp Trapp feel like it belongs to your child; not to mention looking pretty stylish in your kitchen.

The small details are what make this chair great. It doesn’t come with a fixed tray, which means your child can really be part of an intimate family dining experience. The optional gliders also help increase backward stability and the stable footrest shows the sheer amount of thought that has gone into this design.

FQ Verdict

Stokke boast a great reputation and with the Tripp Trapp, you can see why. Adjustable, easy to use and stylish, it’s a great way to immerse your child in family dinners.