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Duux Night Light

night light
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Make night time beautiful for your baby with this innovative starry night projector, winner of the 2014 JPMA Innovation award.

First Impressions

A really exciting product that you might be tempted to use yourself!

This night light seems to have it all – you can record yourself singing or reading to your baby or play music from your phone or laptop, alongside starry night projections.


This night light has some really interesting features that work effectively to soothe your baby to sleep. The built -n microphone works as a sound activator so if your baby wakes up in the night crying, the projections will start for half an hour to comfort your baby and help them get back to sleep.

There are four built in lullabies that can be played with the starry night projections to create a dreamy atmosphere, but you can also pre-record your own voice or play music via Bluetooth, which makes it all more interesting and fun.

Lullabies included already are Rockabye Baby, Morning Has Broken, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Au Clair de la Lune.

This product does lack volume control which can be an issue when trying to adjust the lullabies or voice recordings, and the night light has to be placed in the centre of a room so as to project on to the ceiling.

There are three different colour projections to choose from (red, blue or green). You can also play all three colours together, which makes the experience visually exciting. The auto shut down function is a really useful feature too, as this really reduces power consumption.

FQ Verdict

This product is truly innovative and fun, creating a dreamy and calm atmosphere for your baby and making bed time enjoyable for both your baby and you.