Happy International Family Day!

International Family Day
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Here’s why family holidays will be more important than ever once travel restrictions are lifted.

Although summer holidays may seem a distant memory for British families dreaming of going away during the current circumstances, when travel restrictions eventually lift, family holidays will be more important than ever before as an opportunity for families to reconnect following social distancing.

Not only is travelling with kids one of the best ways for parents and children to bond, it also provides them with the ideal opportunity to experience and learn more about different cultures, countries and destinations to support them in their development.

With International Family Day taking place today HomeAway, a global expert in family holiday rentals, reveals why parents feel that travel is so important for children in its Family Holiday Insider, an analysis of the latest trends in family travel and price developments in the holiday rental industry.

According to British parents in the survey, the top benefits of travelling for children and what they can gain from this include:

  • Experiencing different cultures – nearly half of British parents believe travelling gives their children the chance to experience different cultures, countries and destinations which will help them better succeed later on in life.
  • Increasing their interest to learn – 48 per cent of British parents feel that travel opens up their children’s eyes and ears, giving them the willingness to learn more about other cultures and different languages.
  • Be more open minded – four in 10 believe that the experiences from travelling will help their kids to be more open minded and increase their tolerance and understanding of other ethnicities and lifestyles.
  • Good communicators – a further 42 per cent feel that travel helps children communicate and get along with diverse personalities from a young age.
  • Grow in confidence – 41 per cent of British parents believe that having to cope in unknown environments on their travels will make their kids more confident and adventurous.

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