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How to create your own baby products

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Follow this guide for peace of mind by making your own baby products.

Do you know exactly what’s in your baby’s food, nappy creams or even toys? Then why not whip up your own…

Baby food

We’re not at all saying there is anything wrong with buying the classic jars of baby food from the shop. But if you’re looking for a more organic and clean eating approach, making your baby’s food may be the way to go. It’s super simple and you can even take a meal prep approach by stocking up on your baby’s favourite foods. Start by cutting up your choice of fruit and veggies, then blend. Make a mix of fruit and veg or keep them separate. You can even freeze them and microwave when you’re ready to use.  You can even use some of these ingredients if your little one falls ill.

Nappy rash cream

Nappy rashes are terrible enough without adding chemical ingredients that can possibly further irritate the skin. Some of the best ingredients to soothe a nappy rash can be found in nature. Simple ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil will be the base. You can add in essential oils if you choose or mix in bentonite clay. A DIY nappy rash cream can also be used for sunburns.


Toys may seem like something that has to be bought from the shop. But there are endless options of fun toys and games that can be made at home. Busy boards for example, offer endless sensory options for your little ones. To create your board, you’ll need something for the base. Choose from wood pieces or thick poster board. You can then add pieces such as magnetic strips to add letters and numbers. Try gluing on types of fabric with different textures to give your baby tons to feel. Find more ideas here.

In addition to busy boards you can make your own rattles. Start by saving those empty water bottles. Fill them with water and glitter, dried beans or anything else that looks fun. Hot glue the tops and watch your babies enjoy!