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Back in Black

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

One half of iCandy’s new Designer Collection, we delve into ‘The Black’.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their iconic Peach pushchair, iCandy have created two new, exclusive strollers. Although the luxury brand have always believed in practicality and style working hand-in-hand, this collection is so much more than that.

With quality and safety assured, these strollers are essentially a bold fashion statement, letting parents’ personality and style dictate their choice of product, whether they opt for the elegant, fashionable Classic or the edgy yet sophisticated Black.

“Like cars, parents often see pushchairs as an extension of themselves,” say the iCandy Design Team. “After ensuring we have delivered the highest level of safety for parent and baby, we also recognise that this is a fashion item – a view that many parents share. We always try to push the boundaries of our pushchairs through colour and fabric, priding ourselves on being leaders in fashion as well as quality and innovation.”

Although both of the strollers are packed to the brim with features and quality craftsmanship, there’s also no escaping the distinct contrast. As two sides of the same coin, they naturally encourage you to pick a favourite or discuss the differences. It turns out, iCandy always envisioned them working together in this way.

“We wanted to create two products that individually were desirable, but when viewed together sparked debate and intrigue, and a combined ‘wow’.”

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